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Anna Cocks

My name is Anna Cocks and I am a student Doula at the Doula Training Academy based in Perth.

This work is important to me as I truly believe how babies and mothers experience conception, gestation and birth has long lasting impacts. I am here to provide you with questions, tools, support and care so that you can feel able and confident to immerse yourself deeply in your own experience and knowing. 

I believe pregnancy and birth is a great opportunity for healing, uncovering and dismantling whatever holds us back in our life and in doing so we can step more fully into our power as mothers, as women and as human beings who care about our quality of life and that of future generations. 

I am an artist and to me our life is our ultimate work of art, our creation, our magic.

Pregnancy activates everything that is not in alignment with the rhythm of the Life Force pulsation. The body of a pregnant woman is flooded with the hormonal cocktail of change- she is not a solid system during this period, – she is in the constant flow of adjustments, which makes all of her buried issues rise up to the surface. This is a great opportunity for her to fully reset her system..

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova